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Professional and comprehensive financial planning

We have our own agency Independent Financial Planning Advisor who can provide a professional and comprehensive financial planning service.  Our Financial Advisor offers advice which is "truly" independent of any Bank, Building Society, Insurance Company or Investment Group providing you with maximum choice at the keenest rates, ensuring that your mortgage is tailored to your exact requirements.

For a free, no obligation check on your current mortgage to the setting up of financial assistance for a first-time buyer, please call us and we will arrange an instant appointment.

First Time Buyer

Buying a house for the first time can become a daunting task.  However, We Don’t Just Do Business, We Build Relationships with our clients and we can take you through the First Time Buyer’s Process.

First Time Buyer's Process

Stage 1 – Find a property you can afford:  

Before you embark on your property journey it is important to consider your budget.  You should think about how you may cope if financial difficulties occur, such as a change in interest rates or an economic downturn.

It might also be a good idea to check your credit report before you apply for a mortgage.

Stage 2 – Make an offer:  

Once you have found your dream home, the next step is to make an offer.  This is where we come in to play as an Estate Agent.

Stage 3 – Arrange a Solicitor and Surveyor:  

The Solicitor will handle the legal framework around the property to ensure a seamless transaction.

The Surveyor will check the property for any discrepancies with the property that may affect the property’s value.

Stage 4 – Finalise the Offer and your Mortgage:  

Once the surveyor has completed the inspection, you may want to re-negotiate the price, in case the surveyor uncovered any problems with the property. 

Finalising your mortgage is often the most stressful if the application is rejected.  However, if everything goes to plan then you need to contact your lender to proceed with the process.  The lender has a legal obligation to give you at least 7 days to think about the terms and conditions of the mortgage. 

Stage 5 – Exchange Contracts:  

If there are no delays with the process, then you should receive the contract in order to complete the sale.  At this stage you and the seller are fully committed to the sale, therefore we would advise that you make an appointment with your solicitor to ensure the details are correct.

Stage 6 – The Final Steps:  

The remaining money needs to be transferred from your Solicitor’s Account, into the Sellers’ Solicitor’s Account.

Afterwards, you need to pay your Solicitor’s fee, register with Land and Property Services Northern Ireland and pay your Stamp Duty Rates.

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