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This report is normally requested by Building Societies and Banks who fund your property purchase.

If you are obtaining a Mortgage then your Funder will require a Valuation to ensure that if the Mortgage is unpaid, then the outstanding amount of the mortgage will be covered.

If you are paying cash for a property and are not seeking a Mortgage you may wish to commission a Valuation Report to ensure that the purchase price is reasonable and that any major defects are i dentified by the Valuer.

Valuations are also required during Matrimonial Disputes, for Tax Purposes, and Probate. Our Surveyor is fully qualified to carry out these Valuations.

Mortgage Advice

We have our own agency Independent Financial Planning Advisor who can provide a professional and comprehensive financial planning service. Our Financial Advisor offers advice which is "truly" independent of any bank, Building Society, Insurance Company or Investment Group proving you with maximum choice at the keenest rates ensuring that your mortgage is tailored to your exact requirements.

For a free no obligation check on your current mortgage to the setting up of financial assistance for a first time buyer please call us and we will arrange an instant appointment.


Rent Reviews

McGovern Estate Agents specialise in negotiating rent reviews and lease renewals on shops, offices, restaurants, industrial and commercial premises. As a professional firm of estate agents you can be assured we will achieve the best results possible for you.


McGovern’s estate Agents offer a full auctioneering service.